4.7.3 Creating pastable text

Pyxplot’s default convention of displaying numbers in a format such as

(2+3i) meters

is well-suited for creating text which is readable by human users, but is less well-suited for creating text which can be copied and pasted into another calculation in another Pyxplot terminal, or for creating text which could be used in a latex text label on a plot. For this reason, the set numerics display command allows the user to choose between three different ways in which numbers can be displayed:

pyxplot> set numerics display natural
pyxplot> print phy.c
299792.46 km/s
pyxplot> set numerics display typeable
pyxplot> print phy.c
pyxplot> set numerics display latex
pyxplot> print phy.c
$299792.46$\backslash $,$\backslash $mathrm{km}/$\backslash $mathrm{s}$

The first case is the default way in which Pyxplot displays numbers. The second case produces text which forms a valid algebraic expression which could be pasted into another Pyxplot calculation. The final case produces a string of latex text which could be used as a label on a plot.