2.1 Installation within Linux distributions

By far the easiest way to install Pyxplot under Linux is to use your distribution’s package manager. If you use a recent release of Gentoo1, Ubuntu2 or Debian3, your package manager can install Pyxplot and all its dependencies for you, though the packaged version may be several months behind the latest release. Please note that this manual describes Pyxplot 0.9.x, which is a very substantial upgrade to version 0.8.x. To install the packaged version of Pyxplot under Debian or Ubuntu, simply type:

apt-get install pyxplot gv

Users of other distributions, or who want a newer version of Pyxplot, should use the .tar.gz archives available from the Pyxplot website. The process is described below.


  1. See http://gentoo-portage.com/sci-visualization/pyxplot
  2. See http://packages.ubuntu.com/pyxplot
  3. See http://packages.debian.org/pyxplot