8.2.3 Shaded regions

The following plot styles allow regions of graphs to be shaded with color:

  • yerrorshaded

  • shadedregion

Both fill specified regions of graphs with the selected fillcolor and draw a line around the boundary of the region with the selected color, linetype and linewidth.

They differ in the format in which they expect the input data to be arranged. The yerrorshaded plot style is similar to the yerrorrange plot style: it expects three columns of data, specifying the $x$-coordinate and the minimum and maximum extremes of the vertical errorbar on each data point. The region contained between the upper and lower limits of these error bars is filled with color. Note that the data points must be sorted in order of either increasing or decreasing $x$-coordinate for sensible behaviour.

The shadedregion plot style takes only two columns of input data, specifying the $x$- and $y$-coordinates of a series of data points which are to be joined in a join-the-dots fashion. At the end of each dataset, the drawn path is closed and filled.

The use of these plot styles on three-dimensional graphs may produce unexpected results.