10.8 The image command

Graphical images in bmp, gif, jpeg or png format may be placed on multiplot canvases using the image command1. In its simplest form, this has the syntax:

image 'filename' at x,y width w

As an alternative to the width keyword the height of the image can be specified, using the analogous height keyword. An optional angle can also be specified using the rotate keyword; this causes the included image to be rotated counter-clockwise by a specified angle, measured in degrees. The keyword smooth may optionally be supplied to cause the pixels of the image to be interpolated2.

Images which include transparency are supported. The optional keyword notransparent may be supplied to the image command to cause transparent regions to be filled with the image’s default background color. Alternatively, an RGB color may be specified in the form rgb<r>:<g>:<b> after the keyword transparent to cause that particular color to become transparent; the three components of the RGB color should be in the range 0 to 255.


  1. To maintain compatibility with historic versions of Pyxplot, the image command may also be spelt jpeg, with the identical syntax thereafter.
  2. Many commonly-used PostScript display engines, including Ghostscript, do not support this functionality.