2010 Aug 4: Pyxplot 0.8.2


This release introduces three-dimensional plotting, as well as the ability to plot two-dimensional maps of functions as either color maps, contour plots, or as three-dimensional surfaces. A large number of bugs have also been fixed.


  • 3D plotting implemented.

  • New plot styles colormap, contourmap and surface added.

  • Interpolation of 2D datagrids and bitmap images implemented.

  • Stepwise interpolation mode added.

  • Dependency on libkpathsea relaxed to make installation under MacOS easier; linking to the library is still strongly recommended on systems where it is readily available.

  • Mathematical functions frac-tal_­julia(), frac­tal_­man­del­brot() and prime() added.

  • Many bug fixes, especially to the ticking of axes.