11.4 arrow

arrow [ item <id> ] [from] <vector> to <vector>
                  [ with { <option> } ]

Arrows may be drawn on multiplot canvases using the arrow command. The style of the arrows produced may be specified by following the with modifier by one of the style keywords nohead, head (default) or twohead. In addition, keywords such as color, linewidth and linetype have the same syntax and meaning following the keyword with as in the plot command. The following example would draw a bidirectional blue arrow:

arrow from x1,y1 to x2,y2 with twohead linetype 2 color blue

The arrow command has a twin, the line command, which has the same syntax, but uses the default arrow style of nohead, producing short line segments.

All vector graphics objects placed on multiplot canvases receive unique identification numbers which count sequentially from one, and which may be listed using the list command. By reference to these numbers, they can be deleted and subsequently restored with the delete and undelete commands respectively.