2008 Oct 14: Pyxplot 0.7.0


Third Pyxplot beta-release. The code has undergone significant streamlining, and now runs approximately twice as fast as version 0.6.3 when handling large datafiles. Memory usage has also been radically reduced. Two new data processing commands have been introduced. The tabulate command can be used to produce textual datafiles, allowing the user to read data in from files, apply some analysis, and then write the processed data back to file. The histogram command can be used to estimate the frequency densities of sets of data points, either by binning them into a bar chart, or by fitting a functional form to their frequency density.

Details – New and Extended Commands:

  • tabulate

  • histogram

  • set label and text commands extended to allow a color to be specified.

Details – API changes

  • diff_dx() and int_dx() functions – the function to be differentiated or integrated must now be placed in quotation marks.

Details – Change of System Requirements:

  • Requirement of PyX version 0.9 has been updated to PyX version 0.10. Note that new versions of the PyX graphics library are not generally backwardly compatible.