11.6 box

box [ item <id> ] at <vector> width <length> height <length>
         [ rotate <angle> ] [ with { <option> } ]

box [ item <id> ] from <vector> to <vector>
         [ rotate <angle> ] [ with { <option> } ]

The box command is used to draw and fill rectangular boxes on multiplot canvases. The position of each box may be specified in one of two ways. In the first, the coordinates of one corner of the box are specified, along with its width and height. If both the width and the height are positive then the coordinates are taken to be those of the bottom left-hand corner of the box; other corners may be specified if the supplied width and/or height are negative. If a rotation angle is specified then the box is rotated about the specified corner. The with modifier allows the style of the box to be specified using similar options to those accepted by the plot command.

The second syntax allows two pairs of coordinates to be specified. Pyxplot will then draw a rectangular box with opposing corners at the specified locations. If an angle is specified the box will be rotated about its center. Hence the following two commands both draw a square box centered on the origin:

box from -1, -1 to 1,1
box at 1, -1 width -2 height 2

All vector graphics objects placed on multiplot canvases receive unique identification numbers which count sequentially from one, and which may be listed using the list command. By reference to these numbers, they can be deleted and subsequently restored with the delete and undelete commands respectively.