11.7 break

break [ <loopname> ]

The break command terminates execution of do, while, for and foreach loops in an analogous manner to the break statement in the C programming language. Execution resumes at the statement following the end of the loop. For example, the following loop would only print the numbersĀ 1 andĀ 2:

for i = 1 to 10
  print i
  if (i==2)

If several loops are nested, the break statement only acts on the innermost loop. If the break statement is encountered outside of any loop structure, an error results. Optionally, the for, foreach, do and while commands may be supplied with a name for the loop, prefixed by the word loopname, as in the examples:

for i=0 to 4 loopname iloop

foreach i in "*.dat" loopname DatafileLoop

When loops are given such names, the break statement may be followed by the name of the loop whose iteration is to be broken, allowing it to act upon loops other than the innermost one.

See also the continue command.