11.52.16 colorkey

set colorkey [ <position> ]

The setting colorkey determines whether color scales are drawn along the edges of plots drawn using the colormap plot style, indicating the mapping between represented values and colors. Note that such scales are only ever drawn when the colormap plot style is supplied with only three columns of data, since the color mappings are themselves multi-dimensional when more columns are supplied. Issuing the command

set colorkey

by itself causes such a scale to be drawn on graphs in the default position, usually along the right-hand edge of the graphs. The converse action is achieved by:

set nocolorkey

The command

unset colorkey

causes Pyxplot to revert to its default behaviour, as specified in a configuration file, if present. A position for the key may optionally be specified after the set colorkey command, as in the example:

set colorkey bottom

Recognised positions are top, bottom, left and right. above is an alias for top; below is an alias for bottom and outside is an alias for right.