11.52 set

set <option> <value>

The set command is used to configure the values of a wide range of parameters within Pyxplot which control its behaviour and the style of the output which it produces. For example:

set pointsize 2

would set the size of points plotted by Pyxplot to be twice the default. In the majority of cases, the syntax follows that above: the set command should be followed by a keyword which specifies which parameter should be set, followed by the value to which that parameter should be set. Those parameters which work in an on/off fashion take a different syntax along the lines of:

set key

# Set option ON

set nokey

# Set option OFF

More details of the effects of each individual parameter can be found in the subsections below, which forms a complete list of the recognised setting keywords.

The reader should also see the show command, which can be used to display the current values of settings, and the unset command, which returns settings to their default values. ChapterĀ 19 describes how commonly used settings can be saved into a configuration file.