11.52.28 key

set key <position> [ <vector> ]

The setting key determines whether legends are drawn on graphs, and if so, where they should be located on the plots. Issuing the command

set key

by itself causes legends to be drawn on graphs in the default position, usually in the upper-right corner of the graphs. The converse action is achieved by:

set nokey

The command

unset key

causes Pyxplot to revert to its default behaviour, as specified in a configuration file, if present. A position for the key may optionally be specified after the set key command, as in the example:

set key bottom left

Recognised positions are top, bottom, left, right, below, above, outside, xcenter and ycenter. In addition, if none of these options quite achieve the desired position, a horizontal and vertical offset may be specified as a comma-separated pair after any of the positional keywords above. The first value is assumed to be the horizontal offset, and the second the vertical offset, both measured in centimeters. The example

set key bottom left 0.0, -0.5

would display a key below the bottom left corner of the graph.