11.52.61 samples

set samples [<value>]
            [grid <x_samples> [x] <y_samples>]
            [interpolate ( inverseSquare |
                           monaghanLattanzio |
                           nearestNeighbor ) ]

The setting samples determines the number of values along the ordinate axis at which functions are evaluated when they are plotted. For example, the command

set samples 100

would cause functions to be evaluated at 100 points along the ordinate axis. Increasing this value will cause functions to be plotted more smoothly, but also more slowly, and the PostScript files generated will also be larger. When functions are plotted with the points plot style, this setting controls the number of points plotted.

After the keyword grid may be specified the dimensions of the two-dimensional grid of samples used in the colormap and surface plot styles, and internally when calculating the contours to be plotted in the contourmap plot style. If a * is given in place of either of the dimensions, then the same number of samples as are specified in <value> are taken.

After the keyword interpolate, the method used for interpolating non-gridded two-dimensional data onto the above-mentioned grid may be specified. The available options are Inverse­Square, Monag­han­Lat­tan­zio and Nearest­Neigh­bour.