Examples - No entry sign


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Using the circle and box commands to make a no-entry sign

In this example script, we use Pyxplot's box and circle commands to produce a no-entry sign warning passers-by that code monkeys can turn nasty when interrupted from their work.


set multiplot ; set nodisplay

w = 4 # Width of sign / cm

# Make no-entry sign
circle at 0,0 radius w with col null fillcol red 
box from -(0.8*w),-(0.2*w) to (0.8*w),(0.2*w) \
    with col null fillcol white

# Put a warning beneath the sign
set fontsize 1.5
set texthalign center ; set textvalign center
text r"\bf Keep Out! Code Monkey at work!" at 0,-1.2*w

# Display sign
set display ; refresh