Download Pyxplot

Download Pyxplot

Getting the latest version

Pyxplot is available for free download under the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2. It is available for Linux, MacOS and any other POSIX-compliant operating system, but not for Microsoft Windows. Many Linux distributions offer it as a standard package, and this is the easiest way to install it, though the version offered may not be the latest (we strongly recommend using 0.9 over 0.8). The latest stable release is version 0.9.2, which can be downloaded here. For installation instructions, please see the freely available user manual: pdf | html.

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Older versions

The following historical releases of Pyxplot remain available for running historical Pyxplot scripts. However, we no longer offer any support for them and do not recommend their use for new projects.

Version DateFilesDocumentation
0.8.4January 7th 2011 tar.gz (3.8MB) pdf | html
0.7.1November 17th 2009 tar.gz (2.4MB) pdf | html 15th 2007 tar.gz (839kB) deb (1.3MB) pdf | html
0.5.8September 9th 2006 tar.gz (508kB) deb (1.6MB)
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Superseded releases

The following superseded versions of Pyxplot are available. Note that these were experimental releases, some of which were very unstable. We do not offer any support for them. Do you really want to download them?

0.9.1Aug 29th 2012 tar.gz (4.1MB)
0.9.0Aug 1st 2012 tar.gz (4.1MB)
0.8.3Sep 15th 2010 tar.gz (3.3MB)
0.8.2Aug 4th 2010 tar.gz (3.3MB)
0.8.1Jun 1st 2010 tar.gz (3.3MB)
0.8.0May 19th 2010 tar.gz (3.2MB)
0.7.0December 2nd 2008 tar.gz (1019kB) 15th 2007 tar.gz (839kB) deb (1.3MB)
0.6.3February 26th 2007 tar.gz (839kB) deb (1.3MB)
0.6.2January 19th 2007 tar.gz (548kB) deb (1.8MB)
0.6.1December 27th 2006 tar.gz (548kB) deb (1.8MB)
0.6.0November 13th 2006 tar.gz (530kB) deb (1.6MB)
0.5.8September 9th 2006 tar.gz (508kB) deb (1.6MB)
0.5.7August 26th 2006 tar.gz (507kB) deb (1.6MB)
0.5.6August 18th 2006 tar.gz (497kB) deb (1.6MB)
0.5.5July 25th 2006 tar.gz (478kB) deb (1.5MB)
0.5.4July 3rd 2006 tar.gz (465kB) deb (1.5MB)
0.5.3June 27th 2006 tar.gz (459kB)
0.5.2June 14th 2006 tar.gz (450kB)
0.5.1June 2nd 2006 tar.gz (436kB)
0.5.0May 27th 2006 tar.gz (249kB)
0.4.3May 18th 2006 tar.gz (73kB)
0.4.2May 4th 2006 tar.gz (72kB)
0.4.1May 1st 2006 tar.gz (66kB)
0.4.0April 27th 2006 tar.gz (25kB)
0.3.2April 14th 2006 tar.gz (22kB)
0.3.1April 12th 2006 tar.gz (21kB)
0.3.0April 12th 2006 tar.gz (21kB)
0.2.0March 30th 2006 tar.gz (18kB)
0.1.0February 26th 2006tar.gz (16kB)