Examples - A notice


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Using the text and arrow commands to draw a notice

In this example script, we use Pyxplot's arrow and text commands to produce a simple notice advertising that a lecture has moved to a different seminar room.


set multiplot ; set nodisplay

w = 10        # Width of notice / cm
h = w/sqrt(2) # Height of notice / cm

# Put a rectangular box around notice
line from 0,0 to w,0 with linewidth 2
line from w,0 to w,h with linewidth 2
line from w,h to 0,h with linewidth 2
line from 0,h to 0,0 with linewidth 2

# Write text of notice
set texthalign center ; set fontsize 1.5
text r"\bf Astrophysical Fluids Lecture" at w/2,3/4*h
text r"\bf MOVED to Seminar Room 3" at w/2, h/2
arrow from w/4, h/4 to 3/4*w, h/4 with linewidth 4

# Display notice
set display ; refresh